Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Thinking about starting over with C25K

I'm thinking about starting over. I'm on W4D2, but am struggling a LOT! I think I might just start back at W1D3 and run with the wife on her journey. I love running with her and she needs me with her to push her. I ran with her on her last two runs and felt great.

I'm just wondering if it would do me some good to start over and run as well as work on my core and walking on my off days. I feel like if I do start over, that I will be doing so with the benefit of knowing what I am doing a lot more than before and up to this point. I have the shoes that I need as well as the things that I need to make my runs better for me.

I'm just thinking that this may be the best thing for me and the smart thing to do. I am having problems with my form. HAVE had problems since day one. This will give me the time to build up my body more with the knees and back before I start doing this for long term running.

I'm not sure yet...but I'm thinking.

More later, guys!


  1. IMHO seems like a good idea to start over or join your wife. It's better to go slowly than risk injury or burn yourself out too quickly.

  2. Backing up and/or repeating weeks as needed is a good thing. There's no need to race through the program. Take your time and advance as you feel ready. Keep in mind that many form problems will fix themselves as your fitness improves. Somebody told me that early on we do about 1,000,000 things wrong. Weight loss and fitness improvements will fix 999,998 of them. The other 2 we'll need to work on.

  3. Where are you!!! We need an update. No vanishing for a week!